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In essence, they are both clear aligners allowing you to straighten your smile with comfort, convenience and zero metal! 

However, there are some differences in the solutions. With Smilelign, your dentist will issue you with a set of Smilelign pre-aligners at your consultation. These are designed to give you the chance to try out the solution to ensure you are happy with the feel, look and comfort before you commit to the full treatment. The use of pre-aligners to check case suitability is exclusive to Smilelign.

Smilelign also offers greater movement with each aligner. Typically Smilelign offers 0.3mm of teeth movement per aligner, compared to Invisalign’s 0.15mm. By offering greater movement, it brings you closer to your final smile with fewer aligners!

They are also manufactured in their laboratory in Sheffield UK, meaning replacement aligners and treatment updated can be sent quickly and efficiently. Invisalign is based in the US.