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At our modern dentist practice in Leighton Buzzard, we use Veneers to correct a number of concerns, whether your teeth are crooked, uneven, chipped, gapped, protruding, or discoloured. The number of Veneers you will want will depend on the level of perfection you are seeking in your smile. Usually, we Veneer the teeth from the centre outwards and do them in multiples of two so that you always attain symmetry.

Veneers can result in straighter, brighter teeth. Often, they take the place of orthodontic treatments and Teeth Whitening procedures. They can be made from either porcelain or composite materials. Your dentist at Pear Tree Dental Practice can help you to select the material and colour that is the most natural match for you.

Before the Veneers are applied to your teeth, your dentist will carefully remove the outer layer of enamel from your natural teeth. This will make for an ideal surface to which the Veneer will bond. Our laboratory crafts your new set of individualised Veneers, which will be affixed to your teeth at your next appointment.

It is important you learn how to care for your Veneers correctly so they will last as long as possible. Your dentist can advise you on how to care for your new Veneers.

Pear Tree Dental Practice understands you may have questions about the cost of Veneers. We may be able to offer help. Please do not hesitate to ask us about them.

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