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Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth Cancer Screening

At Pear Tree Dental Practice, mouth cancer screening checks are a part of every routine check-up or specific screening. We understand the importance of early detection for you and your entire family.

If we spot any irregularities in your mouth that raise the possibility of mouth cancer, we will immediately make a referral.

The symptoms of mouth cancer include the following:

  • Red or white patches on sides of the mouth or tongue
  • Numbness of mouth or lips
  • Persistent or sore ulcers of the mouth lasting several weeks
  • Unexplained lumps in the throat or mouth that do not go away

In addition, if you have any unusual sensations or other symptoms not listed above, please call for an appointment with us as soon as possible.

The most common forms of mouth cancer appear as tumours of the mouth, tongue, lips, gums, or roof of the mouth. More complex forms of mouth cancer can develop at the back of the throat, on the tonsils, or on the salivary glands.

Oral forms of cancer are more common than most people realise, and cancer, in general, affects millions of people every day. Early detection is most important in the fight against cancer.

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