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The tooth fairy may no longer visit you, but you can lose teeth even when you become an adult. This happens primarily due to trauma, infections, and decay. However, the good news is that you can now identify and prevent tooth decay from a mile away.

How Do You Check For Rotten Teeth?

Unfortunately, tooth decay is not always visible. For this reason, our professionals at Pear Tree Dental Practice recommend routine check-ups. They are experienced at identifying the different colors of the teeth, consequently finding signs of holes appearing in your teeth.

Typically, once signs of rotten teeth are found, professionals perform an x-ray, especially to identify the reason for the decay. At times, the decaying of the teeth occurs due to dehydration. In such cases, the outer area of your lip that is in line with the gums starts to get black stains.

Similarly, other signs of decaying teeth include sensitivity to sweet, cold, and hot drinks and good and bad breath. There will also be times when your food gets stuck in these rotten teeth and is difficult to clean.

Can Your Rotten Teeth Start Falling Out?

It is common for gum disease to cause your teeth to fall out, mainly because supporting bone and gum tissue around the teeth is destroyed due to this disease. At times, your rotting teeth can also appear to have fallen out when in reality, they could have been broken. Your teeth may break off when this happens, but the root will still be in the gum. Yikes!

While your teeth falling out is not painful, it can pose problems later on when your gums start to swell. If the decay continues, you will start to feel an abscess in your jaw.

Is It Possible For Wisdom Teeth To Decay?

Wisdom teeth do not usually decay but if it is bothering you, feel free to visit any of our trained professionals at Pear Tree Dental Practice.

At times, wisdom teeth do not find ample space to come out, so only a small part tends to develop. It can get difficult to maintain its hygiene, making it easier for bacteria to slide down beneath the gum and cause infections.

See A Professional

At Pear Tree Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on taking a preventative approach. Initially, we will try to avoid any fillings, which is the go-to response for rotting teeth. However, if your tooth has decayed or has a hole in it, we administer this treatment, as it is a tried and true one.

Our experienced and reputable professionals will create a treatment plan that suits your needs and follow up with routine check-ups. You and your teeth are in safe hands!