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Endodontics – Milton Keynes
Endodontics – Milton Keynes
Endodontics – Milton Keynes
Endodontics – Milton Keynes

Endodontics – Milton Keynes

Pear Tree Dental provides professional endodontics treatments and consultations in the near Milton Keynes. If you seek an endodontist in Leighton Buzzard, near Milton Keynes, Pear Tree Dental has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure you receive the best treatment.

Endodontics refers to dentistry related to pulp and tissue surrounding the tooth roots. Endodontic treatment is commonly known as root canal therapy. This is the process of treating the tissue inside of a tooth. Cleaning the pulp of a tooth will remove infection and prevent its return. It is important to know that endodontics covers more than just root canal therapy.

Causes of conditions requiring endodontic treatment include oral injuries, tooth decay, and a poorly placed crown. An infection in the pulp of a tooth, if untreated, can lead to an abscess, which is both painful and potentially dangerous.


Pear Tree Dental are only short drive away from Milton Keynes and is specialised in endodontics for more than a decade. We offer in-house emergency dental treatments during practice hours, with our regular patients having the option of emergency out-of-hours treatment.

Our friendly team prioritise long-term dental care for our patients. Our dedicated endodontics team ensure each treatment plan is carried out with our patient’s convenience in mind. We are proud of the relationship we have built with our patients over the years. Many families in Milton Keynes area know Pear Tree Dental to be professional, accommodating, and efficient.

Every endodontic procedure carried out by us is done using only the best modern technologies and equipment such as panoramic x-rays.

Endodontics — Treatments and procedures

Endodontic treatment focuses on removing infected and inflamed pulp and tissue, cleaning the inside of teeth, and sealing them.

Examples of some of the endodontic treatments and procedures that we offer here at Pear Tree Dental for patients in Milton Keynes include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental Implants
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Treatment of traumatic dental injuries
  • Treatment of damaged tooth roots
  • Treatment of complications following root canal therapy.

Every aspect of your endodontic needs will be made as easy and comfortable as possible for you. As a leading endodontics practice in the Milton Keynes area, Pear Tree Dental will ensure you receive an exceptional service.

We are only a short drive away from Milton Keynes. Pear Tree Dental are a preventative dentistry and oral care specialist that offer quick and skilled endodontic treatments for patients in the Milton Keynes regions. Contact us today on 01525 372 732.