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Invisalign Alternative UK

An Invisalign Alternative that is UK Manufactured

Traditionally metal braces have been used to help patients who wanted to correct their smile from gapped teeth, crooked teeth and other misalignments of the mouth. This however all changed at the turn of the millennium when; the now well-known, Invisalign braces hit the market. These braces were a clear alternative to metal braces and they had several benefits including being less visible and removable (for small periods only).

Since the release of Invisalign, clear braces have become extremely popular in recent years as they allow you to straighten your smile without the need for metal braces in your mouth which may have put many people off getting them previously especially as an adult. But Invisalign is not the only alternative to metal braces; and there are indeed now Invisalign alternatives on the market in the UK.

We understand what a big decision it is to get a clear braces treatment and we have found what we think to be the premier service in this field. Over the last few years Invisalign has been the go to brand in this space as they were the first large company to market this cosmetic dentistry service on a broad scale. What many people do not know is that there are now Invisalign alternatives on the market in the UK that have some exclusive benefits when compared to the Invisalign brand.